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Pastor History

  • 1924-1925       Rev. C.C. Calloway

  • 1925-1927       Rev. W.H. Heath

  • 1927-1929       Rev. W. M. Parker

  • 1930-1931       Rev. George W. Jackson

  • 1932               Rev. Parker returned

  • 1934               Rev. Jamison

  • 1934               Rev. J. W. Coleman

  • 1948               Rev. Tom Simms

  • 1949-1958       Rev. G. A. Boyd

  • 1959-1965       Rev. M. L. Gabriel

  • 1966-1973       Rev. Melford J. Robinson

  • 1974-1981       Rev. W. B. Rutland

  • 1981-1987       Rev. F. L. Brown Sr.

  • 1987-1996       Rev. W. B. Rutland

  • 1996-1997       Rev. H. Barnett Jones

  • 1998               Rev. Ronnie Hampton

Church History


The first known history of the establishment of the Greater Mt. Sinai Baptist Church dates back to 1917, when Rev. A. R. Cobb came to Lynch, Kentucky to seek employment in the Lynch Mines.  Due to the fact that a church had not yet been established, services were held in an empty house in Camp Number Two by Rev. Cobb, who was the founder and organizer of this present church.   During Rev. Cobb’s pastorate, the site on which the present church stands was leased from U.S. Steel Company for ninety-nine years.  Rev. Cobb and his dedicated members were united in Christian spirit.  Through his leadership, the congregation built a frame structure consisting only of the main auditorium.  Thus, a great Missionary Baptist Church  began.  In 1920, a stone edifice was erected for the community by the U.S. Steel Company of the city.  Each miner employed in Lynch, Kentucky was assessed two dollars ($2.00) each pay day as a method of paying the church mortgage, and this was kept in force for several years.  The first officers of the church were Bro. Charlie Simms, Clerk; Bros. Alec Hawk, R.O. Wyatt, Bryce Simms, John Bell, Marshall Harper, R.H. Locke, and C.M. F. Wylie, Deacons.  The name of the first treasurer is unknown. The church then called the seventh pastor, Rev. J. W. Coleman, whose sincerity and dedicated Christian leadership was felt throughout this community.  Under his administration, a Gospel Chorus was organized; the church was enlarged by the addition of two adjoining wings on the east west sides of the edifice, which included a small pastor’s study; the balcony and basement were added and a furnace installed.  After this enlargement, the church became ‘The Greater Mt. Sinai Baptist Church.”  Rev. Coleman successfully pastured the church until his passing…. Rev. M. L. Gabriel, the ninth pastor, was the youngest minister to have been called for this leadership in the history of the church.  He was a successful and inspiring pastor.  Under his administration, the church was completely remodeled and redecorated; a public address system was installed; an organ, a modern pulpit set, and a sacrament table were purchased; and pulpit carpeting was installed.  Through Rev. Gabriel’s influence, the youth became very active participants and many of them became affiliated with the church.  One youth, Joe Hall was called to preach.   Rev. Robinson  leadership, the remodeling debt of five thousand eight hundred dollars ($5800) has been paid; the parsonage completely remodeled and redecorated; a new organ, choir robes, song books, chairs, and a mimeograph machine purchased; church aisles carpeted; church balcony remodeled into a conference room and dedicated to Rev. J. W. Coleman; partial new church roof, and the building of additional wing to the church.  This addition, now known as Fellowship Hall, is a modern two-story structure with six class rooms on the second floor and a combination dining-conference hall, kitchen, and two lounges on the first floor; all rooms are paneled and equipped with modern furniture and appliances. Spiritual accomplishments include the organization of four new church auxiliaries, the ordaining of one young preacher. During the tenure of Rev. Hampton  the church has been remodeled  and painted with renovations and updates to the kitchen and the Fellowship Hall with new flooring and new carpet in the sanctuary.  The bathrooms have been renovated and made handicap accessible.   A church van was purchased . Committees created were the Scholarship committee, Academic Outreach  Committee, Healthy lifestyle Club, Junior Missionary Society, Junior Usher Board,  Mt. Sinai Spirituals.  The church was remodeled outside  with a new front entry and yard landscape. (This is an abbreviated history of the church).

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