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Our Pastor

I  believe that God is calling us to move to new levels in our passion for worship. I believe that God wants to help us find a new freedom in our worship. Our Motto here at Mt. Sinai is “We Are a Work In Progress” and that translates that we are not stationary that we are always moving and changing. The one thing that never changes is the fact that God is the head of this church and it’s mission. He guides our path and we will always give Him the honor and the praise. There are five reasons to move to the next level of worship:
1) He created us to worship Him.
2) It will deepen our prayer.
3) Free worship causes burdens to be lifted.
4) Personal reason:  You feel better.
5) Lastly, it is a part of our witness.

This is why I believe that true worship from the heart reveals itself in its actions. If we never sing, never shout, never smile, fold our arms, THEN we must ask ourselves if Jesus really is the object of our affections! Worship isn’t just inward or outward. It involves the whole person which allows movement as individuals or as a church to a new level of worship.



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