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Our Church

Welcome to Greater Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist church.  We are most grateful that you have decided to visit with us online.  Our purpose is to let you know what’s happening at our church and to share our ministries with you.  We are not a large church but we do have  ministries that minister to our community.


We are a body of believers committed to worshiping and serving Jesus Christ. As a "Missionary Baptist Church," we join with like-minded Christians in spreading the gospel around the world.


Our members are encouraged to get involved in all areas of our ministries. We are here to serve, not to sit.  We encourage you to find a place where you fit, where you can contribute, conserve, and conceive.


Our desire is to motivate, educate, inspire, and communicate through the programs offered here at Greater Mount Sinai.  We believe that with your attendance, support, and participation, we can make our community a better place to live.


Christ ministered to people of all ages and backgrounds and at our church we desire to do the Same. That Is Why you discover that here we have ministries that are geared to various life stages and needs. Greater Mt. Sinai is a place for everyone to study the Scriptures, fellowship together, and minister to each other through numerous service opportunities.


Thank you so much for visiting us today. Please feel free to spread the word of our church. We want everyone to see the power of God, and what he has done for us.

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